About CC English

About our Curriculum

Our Confidence and Connections curriculum is designed to get students talking about real-life experiences and perspectives. When students talk more, they learn English faster and gain more confidence. When students talk more, teachers also learn more about their students’ unique experiences. The learning is mutual.

Learning English is not fast or easy, but we want to make it a positive experience for everyone.

The team who created the curriculum included professional English teachers, teacher trainers, and English learners.

More About Our Curriculum

CC English launched in July 2020 to teach high-quality online English classes and to connect people. We want to cultivate a world where people from different cultural backgrounds communicate, connect, and engage. We see the potential and the good in everyone who is a part of this program. We are an accessible, safe, fun, and welcoming place.

We love to see friendships form and for students and teachers to learn from each other. We love talking about our similarities and our differences. We love to see how much confidence people gain and how their lives transform when they improve their English. And we love how English can bring teachers and students together in unique ways.

When you join our online platform, you join our positive, multicultural community and our movement to build a different level of interaction in the world.
Thank you!

About Intercambio

CC English is a program of Intercambio. We are
a nonprofit organization that has offered classes for
twenty years to over 10,000 adult English learners.

We have trained over 5,000 volunteer English teachers.
Our curriculum, which is practical and based on
proven methodology, has been used by nearly 100,000
learners nationwide.