Volunteer teachers

Teach English

What you DO need:
You must commit for at least 3 months. Most volunteer stay for a year or more.
You must be 18+ years old and live in the United States territories to volunteer.
Our curriculum Confidence and Connections is best delivered twice (2x) per week, in 80-minute long sessions, with at least a day in between.
You must have access to a computer with microphone and camera. This makes teaching more accessible and enjoyable.
Willingness and ability to attend your scheduled sessions. Students are paying a monthly fee of $50 to participate in CC English, so they are relying on your commitment and dependability.
Familiarity with or willingness to learn how to use Zoom is necessary.
Enthusiasm, flexibility, and patience.

What you DON’T need:
You do NOT need any prior teaching experience.
You do NOT need to speak a language other than English.

Teach English

CC English provides the unique opportunity to volunteer online while building a cross-cultural relationship. You will be given a curriculum specifically designed for volunteer teachers that makes teaching English easy and enjoyable. You will also have the opportunity to learn about your student and your student’s culture. You’ll have access to various training tools and teaching resources and the ability to connect with other volunteer teachers.

Teach English

The CC English platform will match you with an adult English language learner whose gender and availability match yours.
The platform will also provide you with:
Access to digital versions of our Confidence and Connections curriculum.
An initial online training video and access to additional training resources.
Tools to track and manage your class and student's progress.
Online events and discussion forums allow you to connect and share ideas with other volunteer teachers.
Additional resources and tools to support your progress and ongoing connection with your student.

Teach English

The CC English program is open to anyone over 18 years of age and living in the United States who wishes to improve their English.
Students come from all over the world, and speak many different languages.
At first, Students take a Placement Test to determine the appropriate starting level in the Confidence and Connections curriculum.
After the matched, Students start paying a monthly subscription fee.
They are mailed a hard copy workbook designed to write in to complete their lessons.
They progress through the levels and receive new books as they meet the levels.

Teach English

CC English teachers are asked to donate a voluntary and optional $30 to cover training and resources at the start of their enrollment. This fee helps cover costs associated with training, developing resources, administration, and matching you with your student.
We understand that you are already donating your valuable time to this amazing cause, so please ​remember it is optional. Thank you!
If you have any questions about the donation, please contact us at support@ccenglish.org.

Learn more about our program

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Next Steps

Ready to teach? Here’s how it works:


Set up your CC English account
and complete your Profile.


Watch the Training Video and
complete the Quiz.

Teach English3

Get a match!

Teach English4

Review the Resources and
prepare for your first class!


Meet with your student and
start teaching and learning!


The Confidence and Connections curriculum was developed by Intercambio using proven learning theories in a way that is simple, practical, and user-friendly. For more information about Confidence and Connections, view a sample lesson or watch this 2-minute video.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1What level will my student be, and how will I know?
All of our students complete an initial online placement test that matches them with a corresponding book level in our Confidence and Connections curriculum. Once you have been matched, you will receive your student’s profile information, which will include the book level of our curriculum that they tested into.
2What do I do if my student and I aren’t a good match?
We want to make sure all CC English participants are having a good experience. If you are having any problems, please contact us at support@ccenglish.org, and we will be happy to help. We can help you work with your student, or we can find a new student for you.
3What if I decide I can’t teach anymore?
You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time from your CC English account. When you cancel you will no longer have access to the CC English Platform, the digital curriculum, or any of the teaching resources. We will notify your student and match them with a new teacher.